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Dottie Snickles
Dottie Snickles
United States, Auburn
22 Oct 2018
Totally satisfied! The price can't be beaten and the service was prompt. I'm on social security so the price is a great factor. ... more
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Even with his short coat, your Pointer can attract fleas, ticks and other unwanted pests. Protect him with Revolution, a once-a-month treatment for canines' most common parasites. Revolution treats current infestations by killing adult fleas and prevents future outbreaks by stopping flea eggs from hatching. The broad-spectrum serum also protects your Pointer from ticks, heartworms, ear mites and mange for a full 30 days. Revolution was designed with pets in mind using selamectin, a parasiticide and antihelminthic made specifically for dogs and cats, so you know it's safe for your Pointer. Save time and money by switching to Revolution and stop parasites from striking your pet in just minutes a month.
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