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Yael David Lavi
Yael David Lavi
26 Apr 2018
It was o.k. it arrived quickly. I still didn't use the product but I am sure it will be just fine. After I will use it I will bu ... more
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Nexgard is a revolutionary flea and tick preventative, it comes in a beef flavoured chew for your dog, which means administering it is simple. Fleas and ticks can cause a lot of health issues with your pet as they can pass on diseases and cause your dog to become stressed from the itchy bites. Nexgard will protect your dog for up to 30 days against fleas and ticks, and when the warmer months start this protection will be a necessity.

Not only does Nexgard work as a preventative it will also stop a flea or tick infestation. As Nexgard starts to work on the infestation you will notice the fleas coming to the top of your dog’s fur as they die. To help your dog out, you can brush them outside and help the horrible little parasites on their way off your dog. Within 24 hours Nexgard will have killed all fleas that were setting up home on your dog.

NexGard Chewables for Dogs

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