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teresa freese
teresa freese
United States, Houston
22 Feb 2018
This company has saved me tons of money over the years! I have never had any issues with any products! Plus you can have your item ... more
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Milbemax is a great way to protect your dog or cat against worm parasites. Milbemax has proven to fight against heartworm, hookworm, roundworm and tapeworm infestations. The great thing about Milbemax is that it doesn’t attack your dog or cat’s immune system, it attacks the parasite’s and paralyses them, which then allows your pet’s immune system get rid of them. Worming your pets is most important when they’re young, puppies and kittens should be dewormed at 2, 4, 8 and 1 weeks of age and then after that every 3 months. Heartworm is a little different and your pet should have a monthly Milbemax dose to fight against it.

It isn’t just beneficial to your pet for them to be dewormed; you will benefit as well, some worm parasites can be passed onto humans. The other benefit is that your pet will live a longer, healthier and ultimately a happier life.

Milbemax comes in tablet form and for it to work to the best of its abilities you should be administering it at the correct times each month and every three months. As well as sticking to the schedule you should ensure you are giving your cat or dog the right dose for their size and weight.


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