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teresa freese
teresa freese
United States, Houston
22 Feb 2018
This company has saved me tons of money over the years! I have never had any issues with any products! Plus you can have your item ... more
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Advantage isn’t for either dogs or cats it can be used on both, and even better it’s safe to use on puppies and kittens. Do remember though, just because Advantage for cats and Advantage for dogs have the same ingredients, you may need to give each pet different dosage amounts. To know how much you need to apply to your pet you should monitor their weight.

Flea protections come in different sized doses for different sized animals. Advantage has 3 sized flea protections for cats and 4 different sized flea vaccines for dogs. The dog vaccines come in doses for a 3 to 10 pound dog, an 11 to 20 pound dog, a 21 to 55 pound dog and a 55 pound and above. The cat Advantage vaccine comes in doses for a 2 to 5 pound cat, 5 to 9 pound cat and 9 pounds and up.

To ensure your pet gets the full benefits that Advantage has to offer you should be applying the vaccine once a month to the back of their necks. One massive benefit of Advantage is that it kills fleas on contact, so the flea doesn’t even have to bite your pet to be killed off.


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