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teresa freese
teresa freese
United States, Houston
22 Feb 2018
This company has saved me tons of money over the years! I have never had any issues with any products! Plus you can have your item ... more
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One of the big problems when your dog and cat has got a flea infestation isn’t the ones that live on your pet but the fleas, eggs and larvae that are in your home. Frontline Plus will kill these as well as the ones on your cat or dog.

Fleas aren’t just a problem in the warmer months of summer, in winter they can become active as well. What happens is that our houses become nice and warm and fleas use your home as their breeding ground. Year round treatments for your dogs and cats are the only way to fully prevent any flea infestations.

Frontline Plus comes in four different pipette sizes for different size dogs and you should use the whole of the pipette on your dog. For dogs you can put it on the back of their necks and on their back in a line, this will ensure your dog is fully protected.

Frontline for cats is just as effective and comes in a smaller variety as cat sizes don’t vary drastically from one another. Frontline is applied to the spot between your cat’s shoulder blades on the skin, and then they will be protected for the next month.

Frontline doesn’t just stop fleas on cats and dogs it also prevents ticks.

Frontline Plus

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