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nurit cohen
nurit cohen
Israel, tel aviv
19 Oct 2018
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Cats need to be protected against worm parasites that will affect their intestines, Profender can do this. Profender is a vaccine that is applied to your cats skin at the bottom of their neck, once absorbed by the skin the vaccine’s active ingredients gets to the intestines and kills the parasites. If you have a kitten they will need to be vaccinated against worms every 2 weeks up until they’re 12 weeks old; however this should be done by a vet. After that initial period you should vaccinate your cat every month against worms up until they’re 6 months old. Once older than 6 months old you can vaccinate your cat with Profender every three months. As well as gastrointestinal worms, Profender will also protect your cat from lungworm.

Profender shouldn’t be ingested by your cat so taking off their collar before applying it will make sure it won’t be absorbed by it and later ingested by your cat. You should also try and ensure your cat doesn’t lick the area where you applied Profender. These two steps will also ensure the full amount of Profender is on your cat which means your cat will be fully protected.

Profender Spot On Parasite Treatment

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