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Profender Spot On Cats 11-17lbs (5-8kg) - 4 Application

Profender Spot On for cats prevents intestinal worms and lungworm in cats. Treat with Profender every 3 months.

Expiry date: 01/2025
Profender Spot On for Large Cats has everything you expect and desire from a class act dewormer. It’s simple to use, easy to apply, and immediately effective. A single drop on the back of your cat’s neck can assuredly defend against all of the major gastrointestinal worms common to kitties, including:
  • Hookworms
  • Ascarids
  • All varieties of tapeworms
Cats weighing 5 to 8 kg (11 to 17 lbs.) will be free from all worm related symptoms, So you will once again be their hero and loving caregiver. They will, of course, act snobby and continue strutting around your house as if they own the place, but their thanks will be obvious through their greatly amplified purring.
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Questions & Answers (12)
How long does the wormer for a cat that hunts and eats its prey? Wondering how often to treat our cat? We purchased Profender from you and it’s working great but know the worms will return and would like to use as a preventative. Can you advise how often we should treat? Don’t want to just wait until we see worms again.
Profender is effective 3 months. You can treat your cat once every 3 months.
can you buy a large cat size and split it between two cats
We don't recommend this as it is difficult to split correctly.
Can I use Profender on my 4 month old kitten and how safe is it?
You can use the Profender safely on kittens older than 8 weeks.
Is this safe to use on a pregnant queen
We always recommend consulting a veterinarian in these cases.
Can I buy this from you thru Amazon? My kids give me gift certificates with Amazon Thnks, Shirley
Sorry we are not linked to Amazon
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L. Janisieski
Works like Magic
Profender is an amazing product. It clears up infestations within 24 hours. When I've had to use it over the years it has never let me down. My cats love Profender!
Don Bowden
Topical flea/tick for cats
Product works as advertised. The secret is making sure the liquid contacts the skin so best to shave a small patch behind the neck for application.
Martha VanStan
Great service, great product, great prices. It would have cost me a lot from the vet. Whenever I see as worm, I use this product. I have multiple cats and would not have the patience to give them pills or liquids.
Laurie Ingraham
It worked in a couple days for all 3 of my cats. I have 1 large one and 2 medium size cats. Only 1 had tapeworm really bad and this fixed it.
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