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Are cat cafes good for cats?

 by james on 26 Nov 2021 |
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Cat cafes are wildly popular among animal loves, but the business model is nuanced when it comes to treating resident felines right. Are cat cafes good for cats? Since the first cat café opened in in Taiwan 1998, the concept has become popular amon...

Tips for training a territorial dog

 by james on 16 Nov 2021 |
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Protecting territory comes naturally to dogs, but some overly protective pets can prove dangerous. Here are ways to trai...

Should I walk my dog off leash?

 by james on 03 Nov 2021 |
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Many pet owners have never considered the benefits of walking their dogs off-leash, but roaming freely can benefit well-...

Tips for socializing an older dog

 by james on 22 Oct 2021 |
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Socialization occurs in puppies at an early age, but there are plenty of practices to help an older dog learn proper social etiquette.   Tips for socializing an older dog Socialization is an important part of young dogs’ lives. During this time, the...

How to replace dogs’ problem behaviors using differential reinforcement

 by james on 15 Oct 2021 |
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Many dog owners struggle with their pets’ bad habits, but do not want to punish them. Differential reinforcement offers ...

How to help your cat lose weight

 by james on 06 Oct 2021 |
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Indoor cats live longer lives, but are more prone to pack on extra weight. Here are a few tips to help keep Kitty lose w...

Tips to help senior dogs with hearing loss

 by james on 24 Sep 2021 |
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Dogs have different needs at different ages and for many, this includes new considerations as they lose hearing in their senior years. Tips to help senior dogs with hearing loss We all want our pets to live well into their senior years, but conditi...

How to puppy proof your home

 by james on 15 Sep 2021 |
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First-time dog owners can forget to pet-proof their houses, but it’s an important step before ever bringing a dog home. ...

Why is my cat urinating outside the litter box?

 by jennifer on 03 Sep 2021 |
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Most cat owners have struggled with their pet not using the litter box, but this can be your cat’s way of saying somethi...

How to help dogs with arthritis

 by jennifer on 24 Aug 2021 |
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Arthritis cannot be cured, but you can help manage your pet’s symptoms. Here are a few tips to help senior dogs experiencing arthritis.  How to help dogs with arthritis Arthritis is a common problem in dogs, particularly as they age. Though there i...
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