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There’s a good chance you’re feeding your dog too much

 by james on 18 Aug 2022 |
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Nearly half of domestic dogs are overweight, increasing risk of health problems. Here are a few questions to help you asses Fido’s portions. There’s a good chance you’re feeding your dog too much We all love to spoil our pets and when it comes to o...

How to help your dog adjust to changes in your schedule

 by james on 04 Aug 2022 |
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We all experience changes in routine, but these can take a massive toll on our pets. Here are a few tips for helping you...

What to do if your dog hates your new partner

 by james on 25 Jul 2022 |
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We all love our dogs, but not everyone gets along with pets. Here are some tips to help a frought relationship between y...

Five tips to stop puppies from biting

 by james on 13 Jul 2022 |
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Nibbling can be cute in puppies, but can lead to problem behaviors down the road. Nip biting in the bud with these five tips.   Five tips to stop puppies from biting   As puppies begin to teeth, it’s natural for them to chew on things—including y...

Tips to slow down a dog that eats too fast

 by james on 04 Jul 2022 |
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Most dogs love food, but some eat so fast it is a hazard to their health. Fortunately, there are many ways to slow a spe...

Signs your dog is co-dependent and how to help him

 by james on 18 May 2022 |
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Dogs love to be around their humans, but can become overly reliant in some cases. Here’s how to recognize signs of a cod...

My dog’s legs are shaking—What does it mean?

 by james on 09 Mar 2022 |
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Dogs tremble when they are scared, excited or cold, and some pets seem to shake for no reason at all. Read on to learn about canine tremors. My dog’s legs are shaking—What does it mean? Dogs shiver for a variety of reasons, from excitement to pain ...

How to teach your dog to stop barking at strangers

 by james on 09 Dec 2021 |
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Some dogs have a habit of barking at strangers, but you can help Fido master social etiquette by understanding the reaso...

Tips for training a territorial dog

 by james on 16 Nov 2021 |
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Protecting territory comes naturally to dogs, but some overly protective pets can prove dangerous. Here are ways to trai...

Should I walk my dog off leash?

 by james on 03 Nov 2021 |
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Many pet owners have never considered the benefits of walking their dogs off-leash, but roaming freely can benefit well-behaved pets. Should I walk my dog off leash? Walking on a leash is so common it’s hard to remember it does not come naturally t...