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10 Not-So-Happy Snaps

 by simone on 19 Oct 2018 |
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Not everyone looks as wonderful as a supermodel in front of the camera, but there's always someone who takes the snaps you’d rather nobody else saw, or someone who manages to ruin every potentially great photo. We’re flicking through our album of pho...

Dog-a-likes: Pets Who Look Like Their Owners

 by danielle on 22 Mar 2017 |
1 Comment(s)
It is often said pets look like their owners. According to science, it may actually be true. Psychology professor at th...

Reading With Rover

 by danielle on 22 Mar 2017 |
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The Reading with Rover program involves dogs in the quest to help children with reading difficulties improve their liter...

10 Reasons Your Dog is Your BFF

 by michelle on 21 Mar 2017 |
1 Comment(s)
BFF = Best Friend Furever 1. You talk at least once a day, even if just to say hi. Image credit   2. You can act yourselves around each other... no matter how weird. Image credit   3. Your dog is incredibly loyal to you.  "You jump, I jump."...

25 Cat Friendly Dogs

 by jaime on 21 Mar 2017 |
5 Comment(s)
Chalk and cheese, night and day, hot and cold. All famous opposites, but none are as well knows as the dog and the cat. ...

8 Pets Who Are Star Wars Look-a-Likes

 by simone on 21 Mar 2017 |
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In a galaxy far far away these pets could be film icons...   The Star Wars films are modern classics, but did George L...

11 First World Problems for Cats

 by simone on 21 Mar 2017 |
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Image Credit You may think that cats have a carefree existence eating, playing and sleeping. But they have problems too, for instance the warm sun moves throughout the day. IT MOVES! 1. I can't believe she left me for a whole day to do something si...

10 Cats With Sweet Rides

 by michelle on 21 Mar 2017 |
1 Comment(s)
1. Nothing to see here people. Just a cat riding a ram. Image credit   2. "She may not be the fastest, but she gets...

Dogs On Deployment

 by michelle on 21 Mar 2017 |
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If you're a dog lover, you've most likely watched several videos of military members reuniting with their dogs after mon...

16 Cats and Dogs Ready For Bikini Season

 by michelle on 21 Mar 2017 |
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1. "Herrrrrroooo summer!"   image credit 2. "Bikini pose? Check."   image credit   3. "Life is better by the pool!"    image credit 4. "Oh, this old thing!?"   image credit   5. "Hooray for summer!"    image credit 6. "Summertim...
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