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WATCH: So, So Many Rabbits At Rabbit Island

 by alexandra on 09 Mar 2015 |
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Forget Cat Island- Rabbit Island in Okunoskima, Japan is the latest tourist destination that animal lovers are swarming to. The island is overrun with adorable wild rabbits who hop about the forests, streets and love tourists because tourists tend ...

WATCH: Extreme Dog Shaming

 by alexandra on 05 Mar 2015 |
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As dog owners, I'm sure we can all relate to at least one of these dog shames. The beauty of a dog shaming is that you...

WATCH: Skateboarding Cat 'Drops In' At Skate Park

 by alexandra on 25 Feb 2015 |
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We all think our fur kids are the most precious, talented cutest things on Earth but some pets have that extra spark, ...

Why Do Cats Love Boxes So Much?

 by alexandra on 24 Feb 2015 |
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Have you ever spent your hard earned money on your cat's brand-new toy only to find him or her kicking it to a corner and playing with the box it came in? If you're a cat owner, that question really doesn't need to be answered-of course you have!   ...

WATCH: 8 Reasons Why Every Kid Needs A Pet

 by alexandra on 23 Feb 2015 |
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Cue the 'awww'. How adorable and relatable is this video? Most parents would have experienced the sharing of toys and ...

We Could Learn A Thing Or Two From These Guys

 by alexandra on 17 Feb 2015 |
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It's easy to find differences between each other but at the end of the day aren't we just a bunch of cells functioning...

Pets Interrupting Yoga

 by alexandra on 16 Feb 2015 |
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Yoga is a wonderful way to release tension and centre yourself. However, it appears our pets feel there are better ways to wash away any stress and tension and that involves them letting you get into your yoga pose and them finding a way to tickle ...

WATCH: The Love Between Humans And Their Pets Is Unbreakable

 by alexandra on 09 Feb 2015 |
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The story of Christian the lion and his two human companions truly shows how deep and powerful the relationship between ...

The Ultimate Prank To Play On Your Partner...

 by alexandra on 04 Feb 2015 |
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Got a partner that has a habit of waking you up when you're nice and cosy in bed? The do we have a revenge game for you!...

Why Not Try And Exercise With Your Cat!

 by jaime on 06 Sep 2014 |
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What do you do on the weekend? Do you catch up with friends and family, take a nap, or go grocery shopping? Maybe you try to keep fit and active by partaking in some exercise? If that's the case, we've uncovered what surely should be a new craze: exe...