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Melissa Salman
I received my 6 month supply of Revolution flea medicine and Profender(Spot-On) for cats in about 15 business days as advertised. I applied the Revolution and then a couple days later I applied the Profender(Spot-On) and they both seem to be working. My cat Samra still scratches some but not as bad as before. I'm hoping when I apply the Revolution on her next month that it will get rid of her fleas completely. She had kittens a few months ago and I with her and the extra kittens it made our flea population multiply really fast. We found homes for the kittens so I'm hoping things will get back to normal now.
Laurie Ingraham
Lauren Spinosi
Product worked great and arrived on time.
It worked in a couple days for all 3 of my cats. I have 1 large one and 2 medium size cats. Only 1 had tapeworm really bad and this fixed it.
Marina Popova
super!!!the Best!!!