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Lauren McGinnis
Lauren McGinnis
Seattle, Washington, United States
18 Aug 2018
Fantastic service!!! This has saved me a trip to the vet with two cats that do NOT travel well, not to mention quite a bit of mone ... more
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With his dense, wiry coat, your Irish Terrier can quickly present a problem when fleas enter the scene. Protect him in just minutes a month from fleas and other common canine parasite with Revolution, an easy topical treatment. Revolution doesn't just kill adult fleas, but also prevent flea eggs from hatching. The broad-spectrum serum also protect your terrier from ticks, heartworms, ear mites, and mange for a full 30 days. Because Revolution's active ingredient is selamectin, a parasiticide and antihelminthic designed specifically for pets, you know it's safe to use on your Irish Terrier. Stop wasting time with flea dips and baths by switching to broad-spectrum Revolution to protect your Irish Setter from canines' most common parasites in just minutes a month.
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