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Vered Altmann
Vered Altmann
Israel, Tel Aviv-Yafo
19 Aug 2018
I am very satisfied. The product arrived fairly quick, and exactly what I expected.
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The Bedlington Terrier's unique double coat of hard and soft hair gives him the lamb-like appearance for which the breed is renowned. While this breed requires more grooming, giving owners a chance to catch fleas and other parasites early, the best way to protect your Bedlington is with a preventative treatment. Revolution provides a simple, once-a-month topical treatment that not only arms dogs against fleas, but also protects them from ticks, heartworms, ear mites, and sarcoptic mange. Because Revolution uses selamectin, which was specifically designed for pets, you know it is safe to use on your dog. Use regular grooming as an opportunity to check your Bedlington Terrier for fleas and apply Revolution monthly to protect him from some of canines' most common pests.
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