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16 Aug 2018
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As the name gives the clue a Welsh Springer Spaniel, bounces with the amount of energy they possess. They make great working dogs as they are easily trained and will be happy to do the work. Welsh Springer Spaniels if not trained correctly though can learn bad habits easily because they are intelligent; therefore you have to be boss at all times. If you own a Welsh Springer Spaniel, as a working dog, you should have the tail docked for the health and safety of the dog. If your Welsh Springer Spaniel they're more likely to pick up parasites from the environment they're in so you need to keep on top of vaccinations. You can vaccinate against hookworm, heartworm and roundworm with a Heartgard tablet each month. Your Welsh Springer Spaniel will need the green packet of Heartgard, which is designed for medium sized dogs.

Heartgard for Welsh Springer Spaniel

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