Heartgard Plus For Dogs Under 25 lbs (11 kg) - 12 Chewables

Heartgard gives protection against deadly heartworm, it also protects from hookworm and roundworm.

Expiry date: 05/2024
Heartgard Chewables Plus Blue is a 12 pack of tasty chewables created to deworm your pint sized pooch. Any dog up to 11 kg (25 lbs.) is an eligible candidate for this combination de-wormer. Feed your small dog Heartgard Plus to prevent parasites such as:
  • Hookworm
  • Roundworm
  • And the deadly Heartworm
Heartgard Chewables Plus is to be administered once a month to keep your minute mutt from suffering the terrible effects of an unwanted parasitic invasion. So simultaneously keep your tiny tyke happy and well fed with Heartgard Chewables Plus Blue. Does not prevent Tapeworms or whipworms.

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Questions & Answers (23)
Can this be used for Scabies? Can it be used along with Stronghold?
Heartgard will not treat scabies, however it is safe to use with Stronghold / Revolution.
do the chewables have to be chewed in order to work? can I just make the dogs swallow them in order to still be effective?
It will be effective as long as it goes to your dog's stomach, however it is quiet sizeable tablet, it would be difficult to swallow.
Ola!De onde voces fazem o envio?vcs enviam para o Brasil?
Sim, nós enviamos para o Brasil. Nós enviamos de Cingapura.
My puppy is 9 weeks but 2-3 lbs would this be okay or is there a product for dogs only?
You can use Heartgard safely if your dog is older than 6 weeks.
Can I use this medicine for cats under 4 kg?
Heartgard is harmful for cats. Do not use heartgard on your cat.
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Its awesome
I always give this product to my dog, I like it cuz my dog can eat well and its cheap at pet bucket
always good!!
Good and Cheep
Good and Cheep!! Service is good.
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