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Carlo Veniani
Carlo Veniani
Corbetta , Italy
25 Sep 2018
Shipment arrived earlier than thought , 8 working days , in good conditions . First experience with this company is positive
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The name gives you a very obvious clue that the Finnish Spitz originated in Finland. As Finland has a vast variety of game, the Finnish Spitz was bred to hunt all different types of animals. The animals they would hunt range from squirrels to Elk and even bears. A Finnish Spitz needs at least two long walks a day and inside play time with their family. Any dog can pick up parasites that will affect their happiness and well-being. You should protect them with vaccinations, such as Heartgard. Heartgard will protect your Finnish Spitz from heartworm, roundworm and hookworm.

Heartgard for Finnish Spitz

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