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yiftach meiri
yiftach meiri
Israel, Jerusalem
19 Aug 2018
very good service, thank you. The order arrived quckly.
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Bred as 'ratting' dogs the Cairn terrier has a lot of energy and will chase any small animal that they see, it's in their nature. If you live in the countryside or on a farm, this dog will help with keeping out the rodents. As this dog will chase and probably catch vermin, protect them against what they could pick up from catching them. Rodents can carry hookworm which can cause death if your dog isn't treated. Heartgard came up with tablets to protect dogs against hookworm as well as roundworm and heartworm. What's special about Heartgard tablets is that they taste of beef and are chewable, so your dog will think it's a treat.

Heartgard for Cairn Terrier

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