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Rick Mayatt
Rick Mayatt
Meridian, MS
22 Sep 2018
I have ordered from Petbucket for several years now with absolutely no issues. Very good supplier. Highly recommend.
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There's something beautifully ugly about Bulldogs, in my opinion. They have that squashed face, big head, muscular body and they one of the friendliest dogs. A Bulldog will be your child's best friend as well as yours. They are bred to be a non-aggressive dog and will be very affectionate with their families. You could even leave them out in a garden with an open gate; most wouldn't leave without their human. These dogs already have respiratory problems therefore we need to make sure nothing else affects it. Heartgard will stop your Bulldog from getting heartworm, hookworm and roundworm. You just have to give a Heartgard tablet once a month to your Bulldog.

Heartgard for Bulldog

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