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Eshel Ophir
Eshel Ophir
Meishar, Israel
20 Sep 2018
I am highly satisfied.
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Fleas don't just cause itching and irritation, but can also leave your Greyhound with skin infections, allergic reactions and other serious symptoms. That's why Bravecto makes fighting fleas easier than ever with an innovative oral tablet. The first formula of its kind, Bravecto packs up to 12 weeks of flea and tick protection in one tasty, chewable treat. Its FDA-approved formula acts fast to start killing fleas within two hours and lasts long to curb future outbreaks. Bravecto also fights four types of ticks, lowering your Greyhound's chances of developing a tick-borne disease. With just four doses a year, Bravecto is the easiest way to ensure your Greyhound is healthy and safe from a broad spectrum of biting parasites.

Bravecto for Greyhounds

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