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Carlo Veniani
Carlo Veniani
Corbetta , Italy
25 Sep 2018
Shipment arrived earlier than thought , 8 working days , in good conditions . First experience with this company is positive
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Treating fleas doesn't have to be a nightmare when it comes to your Bernese Mountain Dog and his thick coat. With Bravecto, you can fight fleas and four types of ticks for up to 12 weeks all with one tasty, chewable treat. Bravecto's secret lies in its revolutionary formula, which acts fast to start killing parasites within two hours and last long to prevent future outbreaks. That means you can cure current infestations, prevent future outbreaks, and reduce your dog's chances of developing a tick-borne disease all with one no-hassle treatment. Best of all, with just four doses a year, Bravecto gives you fewer chances to miss a dose and create gaps in your Bernie's protection, so you can be sure he's armed against a broad spectrum of biting parasites.

Bravecto for Bernese Mountain Dogs

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