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Travel Cat is Going With You!

 by zack on 17 Sep 2012 |
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Everyone knows that a dog loves travelling. They like the car rides, they love the destinations, and they enjoy virtually any outdoor activity that you’ll let them be involved with. But what about their feline counterparts? Many people don’t think to bring cats on outdoor adventures, because of the cat’s independent and solitary nature. Although traveling with cats is less common than doggy day-tripping, a tabby loves to get out of the house once in a while as well.

Feline Family Outing Destinations

Nothing quite so cute as a tiny traveling companion.So where is a proper pit stop for a pet stop? Cats enjoy a lot of the same places as dogs. A park is just as much fun for kitties. Even a beach visit can go over pretty well, so long as you make sure your travel cat stays well away from the surf. So grab a leash and take a stroll with your feline friend. If you trust him or her not to range too far, go ahead and set them loose. Try to keep them within eye shot, but don’t worry too much. Cats are awesome survivalists, and have excellent senses of direction. They’ve been known to find their way back home over vast distances. Of course, use your best judgment here. If your cat has a history of disappearing for days at a time, this might not be the best idea for you.

Your travel cat will appreciate a trip to any outdoor area filled with birds, squirrels, or mice. But perhaps you are aching to go on vacation, and are loathe to leave your feline behind.  There are a lot of options for kitty’s vacation plans. There are plenty of pet friendly hotels with an assortment of pet related activities available on hotel grounds.
Pet Friendly Hotels

This bed is soft, but I may need to tap it with both feet for several minutes before lying down...The Hilton hotel’s Pet Friendly program is particularly notable. This program includes a stain-, water- and microbial-resistant pet bed, food and water bowls with placemat, and a pet amenity kit containing waste clean-up bags and treats inside a pet owner’s room. The famous hotel chain even goes so far as to have pet concierge services to inform guests of local pet boutiques and veterinary offices. The fact that such a major hotel franchise is beginning to offer these pet friendly services just goes to show how popular pet travel is becoming.

Cautions Curiosity Can Save a Travel Cat

Are scaredy cats the ones who managed to escape curiosity?Speaking of the vet, make sure to have your cat’s veterinary and vaccination records handy whenever you travel together. You never know what might happen, and it’s better to have the paperwork handy. Also remember that while travelling your cat might be nervous and won’t eat as much. Try to make travel cat comfy by feeding it as soon as you arrive at your pet friendly hotel, and once again before bed time. Don’t’ worry if they don’t finish the meal, that’s normal. Just continue business as usual. Kitty will follow your lead and adjust accordingly.

As always you never know what kind of tiny invasion force is awaiting the travel cat at any given destination. So before you head out be sure to stock up on any pet medications you might need.


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