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Can Pets Get Fleas During Winter?

While it is true fleas thrive in warm and humid weather, it is still possible for your pet to get fleas during winter. Fleas may not be as active in winter but, they can continue to cause health problems for your dog or cat during the cooler seasons.

How fleas survive during winter

Due to the flexible life cycle of fleas, the cold weather only serves to slow down their rate of growth, not completely eliminate it. The chill of winter simply prolongs the period it takes for fleas to grow but may not kill them. This means your pet can just as easily get fleas during winter as they might in spring, summer or fall.

The warmth of your house during winter also encourages fleas to follow you and your pets indoors, not only causing your cat or dog to be infested with fleas but your home as well.

Fleas also often thrive in winter because pet owners incorrectly presume fleas aren’t as active during this season, and neglect to provide their cat or dog with adequate flea preventative treatment.

Protect your pet from fleas during winter

It is important to keep up with your normal flea prevention strategies in winter. There are different methods to use depending on whether you are trying to get rid of fleas on dogs and puppies, or if you are trying to kill fleas on cats and kittens. However, in general, there are three types of flea prevention options available: oral and topical treatments, or collars, any of which you should be using all year round.

Bravecto chew is a popular and effective oral flea prevention product for your dog (or Bravecto topical for your cat). Both Bravecto chews and topical provide up to 12 weeks of protection, preventing new infestations. You can also use NexGard for dogs (and puppies as young as eight weeks), which offers your pet 30 days of protection from fleas.

For pets who refuse chews, such as cats, use the topical treatment Revolution as it will protect them from fleas for 30 days.

The Seresto flea collar is another option you can use on your pet as it provides one of the safest and longest lasting flea protection (up to eight months).

Protect your home from fleas during winter

If you are regular and vigilant with using flea prevention treatments on your pet, there is a very low likelihood that you will face an infestation in your house during winter. However, it is still important to vacuum regularly to get rid of any stray fleas, and especially flea eggs. Pay special attention to where your pet sleeps and spend a lot of time in, as well as crevices and cracks in the floorboards or walls.

You should also keep the grass short in the yard, as well as remove any plant debris, to prevent fleas from making a home in your garden.

If you do find yourself fighting a flea infestation in winter, make sure you kill the fleas in the house and yard at the same time as when you are treating your pet for fleas.

Can Pets Get Fleas During Winter?

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