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How To Kill Fleas During Fall

Fleas may be at their most active in summer because of the warmth and humidity, but pet owners can still face flea problems during fall. Since temperatures often tend to hover around 70 degrees during fall, there can sometimes be a surge of flea infestations at this time because of the perfect combination of rain and heat.

The best way to get rid of fleas during fall is to treat your pet, home, and yard at the same time.

Treating your pet for fleas during fall

Cats and dogs start to grow their winter coats in the fall, which creates a perfect home for fleas. The developing winter coat can make it difficult to use a flea comb or shampoo on your pet, and so oral or topical flea treatments are your best options to kill fleas during fall.

You can use Bravecto, Revolution or Frontline Plus to effectively get rid of fleas during fall as these products kill fleas, eggs, and larvae. Even if your pet is lucky enough not to be currently hosting fleas, you should still give your pet Bravecto chews (for dogs) or Bravecto topical (for cats and dogs) every 12 weeks, or monthly for Revolution or Frontline Plus, as they are a great way to help prevent any future flea infestations.

NexGard for dogs (and puppies as young as eight weeks) is also a good product to use as it offers your pet 30 days of protection from fleas, on top of killing fleas, eggs, and larvae.

Treating your home for fleas during fall

The first thing to do to kill fleas in your house during fall is to get rid of the adult fleas, their eggs, and larvae by giving your home a thorough and vigorous vacuum. Fleas especially like dark and most places, so pay attention to wall crevices and floorboard cracks.

Wash rugs, carpets, soft furnishings, linen, pet’s bedding, and toys at 120°F to kill and remove fleas, eggs, and larvae. Do this regularly—at least once a week—until you are sure you have eradicated all the fleas in your home.

If the flea infestation is particularly bad, consider spraying or fogging your home, but be sure to remove your pets and children from the area before doing so, and ventilate the area well before returning.

Treating your yard for fleas during fall

Leaf piles tend to build up during fall, creating a perfect hiding spot for fleas. Regularly rake up and clear fallen leaves from your yard to stop fleas from growing during fall. The same applies to your grass, so continue to mow consistently. Expose your yard to as much sunshine as possible as the sunlight will kill fleas.

If you leave food and water out for your pets, clean the area out regularly and bring the food and water bowls in overnight. This is to prevent wild animals—who often play host to fleas—from eating or drinking from them and infesting your yard with fleas.

How To Kill Fleas During Fall

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