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Melissa Holden
Melissa Holden
United States, Corpus Christi
24 Jun 2018
I always receive my products in a timely matter. The automatic shipment is a no brainer. Thank you for your excellent service!
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Your longhaired Maltese can encounter fleas in your own backyard, on walks, while interacting with other dogs and in countless other ways. Protect him with Revolution, a monthly topical treatment for fleas and other common parasites. Simply apply Revolution every 30 days to kill adult fleas and prevent flea eggs from hatching. This broad-spectrum serum also arms your dog against ticks, heartworms, ear mites, and mange. Because Revolution uses selamectin, a parasiticide and antihelminthic designed specifically for pets, you know it's safe to use on your Maltese. Stop wasting time on flea dips and baths and protect your pet in just minutes a month with safe and simple Revolution.
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