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Robert Moser
Robert Moser
United States, SUFFOLK
21 Sep 2018
I have used PetBucket for a couple of years now for my flea and tick medications and have been completely satisfied with the level ... more
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Whatever you need from a dog, a Schnauzer will provide; they are suitable to take on a variety of doggy jobs. They have excelled as ratters, watchdogs, guard dogs, and in other jobs around farms. They originated in Germany, but can now be found loving family life in many homes around the world. As with many other working dogs, the Schnauzer can sometimes 'dig their heels in' when it comes to training and rules, but stick with it and always stay in charge and they'll come around to your way of thinking. Once your puppy reaches 7 weeks old you have to start vaccinating them, and Advocate can do this for you. Advocate is a topical application that when applied monthly will prevent your Schnauzer from getting horrible parasite infestations. The two big parasites Advocate stops are heartworm and fleas; heartworm can be fatal to dogs and fleas can cause major skin problems, so prevention is important.

Advocate for Schnauzer

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