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Noam Orenstein
Noam Orenstein
23 Sep 2018
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Even though they are quietly devoted to their humans, don't think they will be happy just lying around, a Saluki loves to run. Salukis are an ancient breed and have, in the past, been considered a gift from Allah. When I say that a Saluki loves to run, you should keep them on the lead unless they're in a completely fenced in area, they will chase prey and you probably won't be able to keep up with them. To ensure your Saluki doesn't become too shy when they're older, introducing them to other dogs and people when they're younger. From when they're younger you will have to vaccinate your Saluki too and Advocate can be used from when they're 7 weeks old. Advocate is a monthly topical application that will prevent a lot of parasites, including heartworm and fleas. If your Saluki has fleas, Advocate works rapidly at killing all traces of fleas.

Advocate for Saluki

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