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avichai baruch
avichai baruch
19 Oct 2018
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People think that Poodles are only for the upper classes however they are working dogs through and through. It's only in more recent years that they have become 'status symbols' with out of the ordinary hair dos. The Poodle is a great family dog and they will learn a trick within a short space of time. The best way to train a Poodle is through positive reinforcement, they love to be loved by their family. If you want less effort in looking after your Poodle, keeping their fur clipped is the best way. A Poodle's fur is hypoallergenic and because it's in tight curls it is the perfect breeding ground for fleas, Advocate can stop fleas from even thinking about setting up home on your Poodle. Advocate should be applied once a month and all year round, it will prevent a lot of internal and external parasites, the two big ones being heartworm and fleas.

Advocate for Poodle

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