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Cloma Posey
Cloma Posey
21 Jul 2018
Yes , I received my order. I'm glad I have found your web sight, ordering from you has saved me money and the service was great, ... more
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As the clue is in the name the Pointer dog was bred to 'point' out prey for hunters. They are perfect gun dogs and are extremely loyal to their owners. A Pointer is a great family dog however you should have experience owning a dog before you decide to get a Pointer. Pointers need a strong owner that can train them to their full potential and ensure they don't learn bad habits. If you are an active person but sometimes need that nudge to go, your energetic Pointer will be there to get you on your feet. In return for such a great dog like a Pointer, you should keep them in great health, one way to do this is by buying Advocate for them. Advocate is a vaccine product which is suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Advocate prevents several internal and external parasites, most importantly though it prevents fleas and heartworm.

Advocate for Pointer

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