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avichai baruch
avichai baruch
19 Oct 2018
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The Papillon breed has been around for centuries and they descend from the spaniel breed. They still have some of the personality traits of their spaniel relatives but they are their own breed nowadays. People may mistake a Papillon as a lapdog but they would be wrong, Papillons are energetic, intelligent and love to compete in agility and obedience trials. Be sure to keep their coats in great condition by brushing it regularly. Another way to ensure your Papillon's coat stays in good condition is by ensuring they don't get fleas or treating fleas as soon as possible, Advocate can do this. Advocate can kill as well as prevent fleas when you apply it once a month. Advocate doesn't just stop at preventing fleas; it also prevents heartworm, lungworm, hookworm, whipworm and roundworm. Externally Advocate will also stop your Papillon from getting mange, lice and ear mites.

Advocate for Papillon

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