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Sigal Raz
Sigal Raz
Israel, Kerem Maharal
22 Jun 2018
very good
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The Otterhound is a playful breed with a working background. They originated in England and were bred for hunting'yes you got it, otters. Some working breeds can be a little standoffish and very serious but the Otterhound is a playful and loving member of the family. Your Otterhound won't be happy with a little exercise; they need long walks and lots of mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. Another way to keep your Otterhound in good health is by keeping on top of their vaccines and making sure you administer them when they're needed. Advocate is a monthly vaccine that prevents several parasites, including fleas and heartworm. Advocate should be applied to the back of your Otterhounds neck in one spot, at the same time each month for it to fully protect your dog. Advocate is a cost effective vaccine because it prevents two major parasites as well as others.

Advocate for Otterhound

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