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yiftach meiri
yiftach meiri
Israel, Jerusalem
19 Aug 2018
very good service, thank you. The order arrived quckly.
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The Newfoundland breed is from the Canadian province of...Newfoundland! The breed on the whole is strong and hardworking; they can work easily in water or on land so take your pick. Even though they have such a strong work ethic, they can still make great family companions for the right family. You need to be sure you've firstly got the space for a Newfoundland in your home, and secondly that you have enough energy. They will need to be groomed regularly so that their fur coat stays in good condition. One benefit of grooming your dog regularly is you can check for fleas easily this way, if your Newfoundland does happen to get fleas Advocate can help. Advocate is a monthly vaccine for your dog that can kill and prevent fleas, on your dog as well as in their environment. Advocate doesn't stop there though it can prevent heartworm as well as other internal and external parasites.

Advocate for Newfoundlfor

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