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Cindy Rodriguez
Cindy Rodriguez
United States, North Port
22 Oct 2018
Promt shipment and quality products. I won’t shop anywhere else.
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The Havanese breed of dog on the whole is a loving, very loyal and happy breed. They can be mistaken as just being lapdogs but their loyalty to their owners as well as their intelligence means they can be trained easily. They have been known to succeed in circus acts as well as helping people with disabilities. The breed originated in Cuba and can now be found all over the world making lots of families very happy. Keeping a dog happy and healthy in return is what responsible dog owners have to do. Advocate can help you keep your Havanese in good health as it prevents two major parasites; fleas and heartworm. By creating a vaccine that fights these two parasites means that Advocate saves you money in the long run as you don't have to buy two separate vaccines. Advocate should be applied every month onto your Havanese for them to be fully protected.

Advocate for Havanese

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