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Dottie Snickles
Dottie Snickles
United States, Auburn
22 Oct 2018
Totally satisfied! The price can't be beaten and the service was prompt. I'm on social security so the price is a great factor. ... more
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Originally from the mountains in Japan the Akita was and is an excellent guard dog. With the temperament they have they're not really suitable for family homes with small children. They thrive within a 'pack' environment and if you want a well behaved Akita then you will have to be firm with them from when they are a puppy. Not allowing your Akita to lie on the sofa and them having their bed on the floor will mean they will know their place in the pack and that is lower than the humans. Keeping yourself as the leader of the pack will make certain tasks easier in future as well such as vaccines. A vaccination like Advocate needs to be applied to your Akita's skin and it will prevent fleas and heartworm. If you're the leader you will be able to keep your Akita under control while applying Advocate.

Advocate for Akita

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