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Rebecca Pickral
Rebecca Pickral
United States, Gloucester
25 Jun 2018
Great service very pleased
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Afghan Hounds have been described as aloof but this doesn't mean that they aren't loving and very sweet natured, because they are. They were once a sight hound but now enjoy being a loyal companion. Owners should train them in a calm, kind and firm manner; shouting will get you nowhere, but make sure they know you are in charge. Not that they are generally disobedient dogs but if they are deprived of some gentle training they can become disobedient. One thing you can put your mind at ease about is heartworm and flea prevention. Usually you would have to buy and administer two products to prevent these horrible parasites but Advocate stops your Afghan Hound from getting both of them. Using Advocate means you don't have to stress about administering and buying two products, so that means less stress and more money.

Advocate for Afghan Hound

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