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Exotic Pets: The Good, Bad, and The Ugly Part 2

 by zack on 12 Aug 2013 |
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  Exotic pets come in two varieties: 1. Awesome and ill advised or...  2. Quirky and uncommon I’m talking about the difference between a razorback warthog, (pretty cool, but it will probably gore and eat you) and a ferret (aaaww! It got into my soc...

Exotic Pets: Best and Worst Part 1

 by zack on 11 Aug 2013 |
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Keeping and training a strange or unique animal always sounds fun. I think everyone at one point or another during childhood thought it would be fun to raise a wolf pup, ride a zebra, or train a python to guard their house. No? Just me? Well, I had...

Investigating Veterinary Insurance: How to Decide on a Policy [INFOGRAPHIC]

 by zack on 01 Jun 2013 |
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After deciding whether or not your pet needs veterinary insurance, it’s time to pick a policy. With many different companies offering competitive plans, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here is a short guide to different factors you must ...

Investigating Veterinary Insurance

 by zack on 31 May 2013 |
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Nobody wants to dwell on it, but health and wellness issues are a constant worry for owners of older dogs and cats. Especially for a low income family, pet sickness, disease, or accidents are a gigantic financial concern. Not only are these issues a ...

Clipping Claws 3: Finishing Touches

 by zack on 25 May 2013 |
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We’ve gone through the basics of trimming dog’s nails and how to cut cat nails. Now it’s time go over the final details to make any claw clipping session a successful effort. First, let’s review the commonalities between clipping dog’s nails and ca...

Animal Actors: Celebrity Quadrupeds Part 2

 by zack on 22 May 2013 |
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Welcome back to the Petbucket blog’s official examination of famous Hollywood pets, animal actors, and celebrity mammals of all sorts! We capped things off last time with a fascinating look into the elder statesman of feline film: That Darn Cat. Toda...

Animal Actors: Celebrity Quadrupeds

 by zack on 18 May 2013 |
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Animal actors have a long history in Hollywood. Movie magic and fluffy cute stage hands go together like butter and popcorn. Every variety of animal gets represented eventually, but there are a few standout performances from well-trained domesticate...

Safe Traveling Tips on Trips with Pets

 by zack on 14 May 2013 |
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 With summer months around the corner, everyone is beginning to plan their vacation getaways. For a lot of people that means setting their pets up in kennels. Inversely, there are a brave few who try to take their furry companions on the road with th...

A Few Common Sense Tips for Getting Started with Pets at Home

 by zack on 29 Mar 2013 |
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We all want to have some furry and lovable pets at home. But the question is: are we ready to have one?  It’s not exactly a walk in the park, (at least not all the time). Because having a pet entails so much responsibility and commitment, first time ...

Top 3 Heroic Dogs

 by zack on 26 Mar 2013 |
2 Comment(s)
We’ve all heard stories of animal bravery. It’s no wonder we refer to dogs as “man’s best friend,” when on numerous occasions we see examples of unbelievable animal valor. Even though we give our pets their due, you can’t ever say or hear enough abou...
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