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5 Surprising Dog Breeds Perfectly Suited for Apartment Living

 by petbucket on 08 Apr 2015 |
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By Maggie Park
Many people think that only toy dog breeds are well-suited for apartment living, but this assumption simply is not true. Some small dogs are great in an apartment situation, and some aren't. The best dogs for apartment dwellers are those that are fairly quiet, well mannered, and calm. If you are away from your apartment during the work day, you also need a dog that is comfortable with plenty of alone time. Here are some surprising dog breeds that are perfectly suited for apartment living.
1. Bulldogs. Bulldogs have very calm demeanor, making them great for apartment living. While a Bulldog will never be your jogging buddy, he does enjoy a short daily walk. Pay attention to the weather when you take your Bulldog for a walk, however, since Bulldogs aren't very tolerant of hot, muggy conditions. A 50-pound Bulldog may not seem like the perfect apartment companion, but this breed is actually an ideal choice.
2. Rat Terriers. Since Rat Terriers look so much like their hyper cousin, the Jack Russell Terrier, many people shy away from these busy little dogs. While they do have plenty of energy, Rat Terriers are calm and affectionate as long as they have an opportunity to exercise. If you are looking for a workout buddy, a Rat Terrier may be the perfect breed for you. As long as this little dog has about 40 minutes of exercise per day, he is calm, quiet, and loving.
4. Bull Mastiffs. These huge dogs are devoted to their owners, yet they can be left alone for significant periods of time. Bull Mastiffs were bred to be watchdogs for large English estates, but their size is more intimidating than their personality. Although they are very large dogs, Bull Mastiffs thrive with only moderate amounts of exercise. Be warned, however, the Bull Mastiff does drool.
5. Greyhounds. You may assume that the Greyhound's speed makes her inappropriate for apartment living, but Greyhounds are actually very lazy. Their sprinting speed is impressive, but don't choose a Greyhound to help you train for a marathon. A Rat Terrier is a far better running buddy. Greyhounds are quiet, calm, indoor dogs who cannot tolerate cold temperatures. This impressive dog is perfectly suited for an apartment.
Other Great Apartment Dogs
While the breeds listed above are surprisingly well suited for apartment dwelling. You may prefer a more conventional apartment-dwelling breed. Some great choices include Pugs, Boston Terriers, Bichon Frises, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and Shih Tzus.
When you choose your apartment companion, make sure to consider the behavioral markers of the breed. Is the breed known for constant barking? How much exercise does the breed require? Finally, if you are going to leave your pet home while you are at work, you must investigate the breed's propensity to get bored and look for trouble. When you choose carefully, both you and your canine companion will enjoy each other's company for many years.


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