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Give Your Pets A Happier And Healthier 2015

 by alexandra on 29 Jan 2015 |
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We're already at the end of the first month of 2015. Have you been maintaining your new year's resolutions or have you already returned to your old habits? In any case, maybe it's time to turn the attention away from yourself and onto your pets instead by introducing some positive and healthy changes into their routine and make this year their happiest and healthiest yet!

Here are our suggestions:

Help your pet get more exercise
If you're guilty of forfeiting your pet's daily walk when the weather is too hot or too cold, instead replacing it with an extra chew toy or throwing a ball around the yard, try to keep focused on the fact that your pet needs to get in regular exercise, necessary for good health and longetivity. Resolve to commit to daily exercise - rain, hail or shine. Likewise, cats can be enticed into exercising using chase games with string toys or laser pointers. And remember daily exercise for them is daily exercise for you too.
Help your pet eat better and be healthy
Rather than indulge your pet with food scraps or unhealthy snacks, take a vested interest in creating healthy treats like frozen green beans, or create healthier alternatives to their everyday kind of pet food. Packaged treats that are high in sugar, salt and fat, as well as human foods and table scraps, so these should be kept to a minimum which will end up benefitting you both. Your pets should resolve to take their monthly heartworm, parasite, flea and tick preventative as prescribed, and keep their vaccinations up to date in the new year. Of course you'll have to be in charge of that!

Help your pet learn something new and have fun
Training and learning new tricks provides bonding time and mental stimulation for pets and owners. Whether it’s more games, new toys or a weekly brushing, we can all use a little more fun. Seeking to have fun together in the pursuit of new routines and activities is a must for any pet resolution.

Help your pet do something different and make new friends
For the new year, consider switching things up by finding a different park to visit every now and then, walking on different streets, or bringing them along on a trip to the pet store for treats or normal pick ups. For cats, new toys or a new brushing routine can spice up their day. In 2015, why not resolve for you and your pet to visit the local park and get to know other owners potentially making new friends and new adventures.

Help your pet volunteer in the community
It is well known that pets are becoming an even larger and more welcome part of many community programs for the aged and ill, so why not help your lovable pet take part in a community program at a local nursing home or hospital that allows animal therapy. You will love your pet endlessly this new year but perhaps it will do the world some good to let someone else love them for a few moments also. 


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