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When Caging Your Cat Can Be Useful

 by jaime on 06 Nov 2014 |
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Many cat owners don't like the idea of putting their beloved cat into a cage, as they feel they are being cruel and preventing their cat from doing their everyday feline activities.

And while, yes, it's cruel to keep your cat in a cage all of the time, there are particular instances where it's perfectly OK - a good idea in fact - to put your kitty behind bars.

Here are some of those instances now:
  • Caging kittens and their mothers actually promotes good litter box training. By confining the amount of space they can roam, kittens are left with no choice but to eliminate in the litter box. Keeping the mother in there with them, allows mama cat to lead by example to show her young how it's done. Bear in mind, the cage shouldn't be multi-tiered, so kittens are not exposed to risk of falling from a great height.
  • Cages are great for quarantining new cats in a multi-cat home - particularly if you are unsure whether the new cat has any illnesses. 
  • Cages are so useful if you have more than one cat and are trying to pin-point which one of your cats are ill. Place one cat inside the cage and watch for the symptoms you are suspicious of. Once you are satisfied it's not that particular cat, place your next cat in there until you have found your sick kitty.
  • How hard is it trying to give a cat their medication? So hard! By placing your cat into a cage, it makes the whole squirmy affair so much easier.
  • If you are moving house or introducing your cat to a new environment, a cage can be an invaluable safety net, not just for you but your cat too. Once you have successfully introduced the new place to your cat, leave the cage there with the door open, so if your cat should become spooked they can retreat to somewhere comfortable and safe. 
  • Have you ever considered using a cage as a time-out for naughty cats? If you haven't, you should. If you need to break up a fight, or need to re-train a cat so they can break any bad habits, placing the culprit in a cage for an hour can really enhance your message!
  • If you are someone who breeds cats, or wishes to, placing two potential partners into a cage together can help with the breeding process. 
  • Likewise, a pregnant cat can also benefit from being in a cage from around 2 weeks prior to her due date to keep her safe.
  • Can you think of any other instances where a cage could come in handy?

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