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How To Introduce Your Cat To Their Own Bed

 by jaime on 31 Oct 2014 |
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Let's not beat around the bush; cats can be real fusspots! But that makes up a large reason why they are so intriguing and entertaining to their owners.

Introducing a cat to a new bed can prove to be a real task that can leave some poor owners tearing their hair out in frustration, wondering why the fresh, plush bed they've purchased is not appealing to their cat. But don't worry, there are some simple, subtle changes you can make that will see your cat change from total dissatisfaction to complete, cozy, bedded bliss!

And remember, no matter whether you're introducing a kitten to a bed for the very first time or are trying to change where your adult cat sleeps (in your bed, in the fresh pile of laundry...) the following solutions should work out for you, and your cat.

Firstly, please note that most beds will suit most cats, so there's no point constantly returning beds to their point of purchase, hoping that the next bed will do the trick. The reality is, it's unlikely to be the bed's fault! However your cat's mind can always be changed using sublte, subtle persuasion.

If your cat's bed is currently being rejected, try and do some detective work to figure out why they may be choosing to sleep where they sleep. It's pretty much guaranteed to be all about location. What is it about their chosen locations that are so desirable?

Use their choices as inspiration as to where to place the bed - bearing in mind to carefully consider your cat's own personality, because what's attractive to one cat may not be to another.
In saying that, there are some general hot spots that you could pick. Always pick a low traffic area and one that can offer some concealment. So, the middle of the room is definitely out, but on a windowsill, behind a curtain will be a cat's paradise!

Next you need to consider the bed's smell. When bringing a new bed into the home for your cat, bear in mind it's absolutely covered in smells your cat won't be used to or like. In order to improve its attractiveness, try covering the bed in an item of your clothing or place some of your kitty's toys inside the bed. This will help make the bed more appealing and familiar. Remember, it may take around 24 hours for your cat to consider sleeping there.

If up until this point, neither changing location or smell of the bed has worked then you will have to also instigate a formal introduction. To do this, you will need to make the most of any passing opportunity...

When your cat happens to be passing their bed, start making a fuss over and around the bed, even rearranging any of the toys inside it. Hopefully your cat will interested enough to come over and investigate. If they are not interested in the slightest, you will need to then try and call them over.

Once your cat has come over, watch to see if they interact at all with the bed. If they do praise them (but don't be too over-the-top about it) and if they show no interest, it's important that you refrain from reacting. Keep trying to formally introduce your cat to their bed, until some positive associations have been made.

When you get to the point that your cat is happy to use their bed, you will then be free to move the bed to other places in the home, but remember to always choose cat-approved locations!

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