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Introducing A New Dog To The 'Pack'? Here's How To Do It Stress Free

 by danielle on 07 Sep 2014 |
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Bringing a new dog into your home can be a stressful as well as joyous occasion when you already have a ‘pack’ in residence. Your current dog or dogs make take some time to adjust to your new family member, especially if they are older and set in their ways.
The best time to bring home your new dog is simply when you have the greatest amount of time on your hands to dedicate to the introduction process. It is crucial the introduction be done carefully to diffuse the likelihood of your already established dog attacking the ‘intruder’ in their territory.
It is recommended the first meeting of the dogs take place away from your home, in a neutral area like a park or anywhere else your dog is unlikely to feel territorial over. Lead your dog and get another person to bring along the new dog. Allow the dogs to sniff and get to know one another. Go for a walk together, letting the dogs sniff where the other has walked.
When at home, it is advisable to only introduce the dogs for quite some time in controlled circumstances when you are present to watch them interact. Set the new dog up in a room of their own, such as the laundry, allowing the old dog to roam the places they used to freely. Alternate the dogs so the new dog has some time to explore their new home and the old dog some quiet time in confinement. This will allow them both get used to the smell of the other.
Let the dogs meet face to face only when you are present to divide them if aggression develops. If your new dog is a puppy, your adult dog will need plenty of timeouts even if they get on well immediately – puppy exuberance can be exhausting!
A cautious and patient approach can help establish a long-lasting friendship between pets with as little conflict as possible. With understanding on your part of the dog’s natural territorial nature, most dogs acclimatise to having a new friend join the family, and begin to relish having a new playmate to spend their days with. 

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