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Is Your Cat Actually Lethargic?

 by michelle on 27 Aug 2014 |
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The average cat sleeps 15 hours a day, and that number is even higher for senior cats and kittens. However, if you notice that your cat is sleeping more than normal, it’s possible they are lethargic. Causes of lethargy can range from boredom to a sign of disease, so it’s very important that cat owners know the signs of a larger problem. Below is a list of possible reasons for your cat’s lethargy, and other symptoms you should look out for.

Age: Naturally, an older cat is going to be more tired - especially after exercise or play. Unless you notice other symptoms, this is completely normal for a senior cat.

Anemia: Pale gums and tongue are signs your cat's diet is lacking is essential nutrients and iron.

Arthritis: It makes sense that a cat suffering from severe joint pain would prefer to spend their day in bed.

Cancer: Cats are good at hiding disease. Sometimes there are visible lumps, but other times it’s simply a lack of appetite and/or listlessness.

  Depression: Look for a change in mood/personality especially if there was recently a major change in your cat’s daily routine, such as death of a companion.

Kidney Disease: An increase in thirst and urination are signs of decreased kidney function.

Obesity: Cats that are overweight tire easily after exercise or play. Typically a change in diet and exercise will help combat this.

Lethargy could be a sign that something is wrong with your cat. Most of the health conditions above can be treated with medication or a change in diet. Since cats hide illness well, it’s important that you see your vet as soon as possible if you suspect something is off.


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