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When To Switch Your Cat To Adult Food

 by jaime on 22 Aug 2014 |
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Bringing home a kitten is an exciting time, full of transition, discovery and plenty of cute moments. Before you know it, they are fast approaching adult hood and a whole new range of changes are required, including their diet.

Kitten food is specifically made for kitties up until a year old. It will contain high levels of protein and fat which provides them with plenty of energy which is needed whilst their bodies are growing and developing. Protein also helps your cat's muscles to develop. Kitten food is also full of essential minerals like calcium, potassium and phosphorus for their teeth and bones.

At one year of age, your cat enters adulthood and while they may still seem their usual playful, kitten selves, their bodies are starting to now require different things to see them through a happy and healthy adulthood. This is when you will need to begin the transition to adult food. The transition should take place over a week, where you slowly introduce the new food.

On the first two days, the ratio should be 75% kitten food and 25% adult food. On the third and fourth days, it should be 50% of each while days five and six the combination will now be 25% kitten food and 75% adult food and then on the seventh day your cat should be eating just adult food. By following this method, you will avoid any stomach and digestive upsets.  

While your cat is making the switch, keep a close eye on their weight and general overall health to make sure they are receiving the right amount of food. Initially you should give them the amount recommended and if you feel they are being fed too much or too little, adjust portion sizes accordingly.

You should always choose a high quality food product as these are better equipped to keep weight under control, deliver all the essential vitamins and minerals, and strengthen the body and immune system.

Following this, your kitten will be all set for a strong and healthy adulthood.


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