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Teach Your Dog To Back Up

 by michelle on 02 Aug 2014 |
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Although maybe not as common as “sit” or “stay”, the “back up” command can be equally as useful. Think of all the instances that your dog has innocently gotten in the way; or the times your dog was investigating something you’d rather them not? By teaching your dog to back up, you’ll be able to have them back away from an open door, a busy kitchen, and other people or dogs.


As with any other trick, all you need to begin training is your dog and a handful of treats (and your clicker if you choose to train this way).


Step 1: Face your dog and take a few steps away from them.

Step 2: Tell your dog to back up, and step toward them. Some dogs will naturally take a few steps back, whereas others may need more encouragement. If that’s the case, continue moving towards them and lean your body forward.


Note: If your dog is moving away rather than stepping backwards, try training in a narrow area, such as a hallway, so that your dog’s movements will be constricted with no other way to go but backwards.


Step 3:  Once your dog takes those few steps back, reward them with a treat and/or click.

Step 4: Once your dog understands that stepping back equals a reward, try the command without stepping towards your dog.

Step 5: Practice makes perfect! Don’t forget to reinforce your dog’s cooperation with treats/clicks.


With the back up command under your belt, you’ll finally have room to load the dishwasher without your dog crowding the space!



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