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Selecting the Perfect Condolence Gift for Pet Owners

 by jaime on 21 May 2014 |
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Every family that welcomes a pet into their home, into their life, is going to feel a sense of loss and grief when that pet passes away. Death is a natural part of life, but it will impact everyone in a different manner. For families with a pet, the loss of the pet might not cut as deeply as a single person whose primary companion for years has been that beloved pet.


As such, everyone will look for different ways to remember their favorite pet after its passing. As a friend or relative of someone who has lost a pet, selecting the right condolence gift can help that individual or family cope with the loss and even elicit fond memories of the time they spent with the animal. 


Simple gestures

Not everyone needs an over-the-top memorial for their pet in order to fondly remember a best friend they will no longer get to spend time with. For some people, simple gestures go a long way toward helping with the healing process and offering a simple reminder of their four-legged friends.


Examples of simple gestures include memory pendants, the Memorial Paw, and memorial pictures. A memory pendant is a simple piece of jewelry that is lovingly handcrafted to remind you, a friend, or relative of a lost pet. The Memorial Paw is another simple piece of jewelry that consists of a paw print on a heart, signifying the impact a lost pet has on a human life.


A personalized pet memorial picture is a simple piece that can adorn any room of the home, but isn't an over-the-top reminder of a lost pet. These gifts are highly customizable, but generally speaking consist of a picture of the pet along with some loving words from friends or from scriptures.


Popular gift ideas

Examples of common condolence gifts given to those grieving the loss of a pet often range from sympathy baskets and cards to memorial urns. Sympathy baskets can be as simple as cards and candies to express sympathy for the grief experienced by another, or as complex as baskets that contain small reminders of the pet that has died.


Memorial urns are a common gift as well, though the level of customization varies from customer to customer. Some will opt for a memorial urn that is a simple, yet elegant box to hold the ashes of a lost pet. Others are more ornate and may contain a pictures or a likeness of the pet on the frame as a visible reminder of the beloved pet contained within.


Unique gift ideas

While it is not always necessary or expected to give someone who has lost a pet an elaborate gift, there are some unique gift ideas available for people who want to give something unexpected and truly touching. Examples of unique, one-of-a-kind gifts include stained glass windows, 3D artwork, and personalized Mourninglights.


Sunnybrook Studios can take an image of a lost pet and capture their likeness in stained glass as a forever reminder of that beloved pet. In a similar process, Mourninglights can be created with a custom printed image of the pet (or pet and owner) on a glass candle holder.


Another option is a LIFEFORM 3D picture. With a picture of the lost pet, LIFEFORM can create a handcrafted 3D picture of the animal that allows owners to reach out and touch their beloved pet after its passing.

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