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Stronghold Blue Cats 5.7-15.5lbs (2.6-7.5kg) - 12 Pack

Stronghold Blue for cats prevents heartworms, fleas and other harmful parasites.

Expiry date: 03/2026
Stronghold Blue 12 for Cats between 2.6 - 7.5 kg (5.7-15.5 lbs.) 45mg, works quickly and for one whole month after a single application. 12 doses will give your adorable little fur ball all the help it needs in the fight against both internal and external parasites, such as:
  • Fleas--adults, eggs, and larvae
  • Heartworms
  • Intestinal worms—hookworm and roundworm
  • Ear mites
  • Biting lice
This powerful topical boasts a variety of usages, and requires very little effort on your part to keep your cat at a healthy level of frisky curiosity, or apathetic lethargy. It just depends on that testy tabby’s mood. Wait at least 2 hours after treatment to bathe your cat.
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Questions & Answers (41)
How should I apply this product to an 8.8kg cat? Would stronghold plus 5-10kg be better?
Stronghold Plus is definitely better option if your cat weights 8.8 kg. It also covers tikcs too.
I know that Revolution is safe for pregnant cats. Is Stronghold also safe for pregnant cats?
Stronghold is exactly the same product as Revolution, therefore yes it is also safe for pregnant cats.
Does stronghold blue treat sarcoptic mange
Stronghold is designed to make caring for your pet easier by preventing the development of heartworm disease, controlling flea infestations and treating ear mites. It also treats tick infestations and sarcoptic mange in dogs, and is used to control roundworms and hookworms in cats.
Does this product protect against TICKS? On the box it says it does, but i hear that it doesn't. Please look on the box for me and let me know. Other wise i will order the Revolution Plus.
Stronghold doesn't cover ticks. Stronghold Plus / Revolution Plus however covers ticks.
Can i use to 2~3month baby cat?
Stronghold is safe for the kittens 8 weeks old or older.
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병원에서 애드보킷으로 접종했었습니다 펫버킷을 알게되어 직접 구입해서 사용했는데 아이들 전부 별탈없이 건강하요^^ 애드보킷이 약이 독하다고 해서 스트롱홀드로 구입했는데 부작용도 없고 좋아요!!
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S. Ferguson
So happy I found Pet Bucket
I can now afford to give all four of my cats meds they need for earmites and other conditions they have. It was very difficult to get meds from local vet and expensive. Thanks Pet Bucket.
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