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Stronghold Teal Dogs 44-88lbs (20-40kg) - 6 Pack

Stronghold Teal for dogs prevents heartworms, fleas and other harmful parasites.

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Product Description
Stronghold Extra Large Dog Teal 6 is a stout medication for dogs weighing anywhere between 20 and 40 kg (44-88 lbs.) Not only is it a strong and fast acting treatment, but it’s also a long lasting one. One drop on the back of your dog’s neck will defend it from a multitude of diminutive parasites for no less than 30 days. Stronghold stops parasites in their tracks. Such parasites include:
  • Fleas--adults, eggs, and larvae
  • Heartworms
  • Intestinal worms—roundworm
  • Ear mites
  • Scabies (Sarcoptic mange)
  • Biting lice
  • Controls American Dog Tick infestations (Dermacentor Variabilis)
Make sure you have a happy healthy companion, and treat your panting pup with Stronghold Extra Large Dog Teal 6.
Questions & Answers (11)
Will this product kill ticks including those that may transmit Lyme disease
No Stronghold and Revolution covers fleas, heartworms and intestinal worms. This product doesn't protect against ticks.
Can this be used on my cats as well. They love all over their Golden Retriver. Cashmere. I want to make sure this won't hurt them. Also financially I have been buying the large dog dose and putting some in the cats.
It's definitely safe for your cat to be around your who are dogs using 'Stronghold Teal'. We recommend using 'Stronghold for Cats' for protection of your cat.
So stronghold for dogs are the same as revolution for heart worms?
Yes, they have the same formula.
RX required for Strong hold
All the products we currently sell are "over the counter" products in the country they are shipped from and no prescription is required.
My question is - if Stronghold is identical to Revolution, why is Revolution so much more? Or Stronghold so much less - whichever way you wish to look at it. Thank you!
The both products are produced for different markets. They have different outlining cost and licensing fees etc. Hence the difference in price.
Product Reviews (31)
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Share your thoughts with other customers
P. Chadsey
great stuff
very good
D. Digravio
Very satisfied with Stronghold
This product works just as Revolution would work. Same active ingredients, kills same parasites, etc.
V. Delay
Helps with seizures
I tell everyone about it. I have a cat that goes into seizures and would chew his toes raw. Vet gave a steroid shot but it didn't help. I realized that biting an itchy spot would trigger the fit, tried this product and he has very few and his toes have healed up.
P. Kenyon
Stronghold is gold
Wonderful. It works quite well on my two large dogs and they do not have a problem with it being applied.
M. Suhayda
I buy this product to protect my animals from fleas and internal parasites, particularly heart worms. I find it less effective against fleas but I live in Louisiana where it is hot and humid for six months out of the year. I still buy the product because of the parasite protections Stronghold provides. I haven't found anything that really works on fleas in the deep south of the US. We spray the yard and that seems to be most effective for killing the fleas.
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