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Advantix Dogs 8.8-22lbs (4-10kg) - 4 Pack

Advantix for dogs prevents ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, sand flies, lice and biting flies.

Expiry date: 11/2027
This is a powerfully potent parasite remover for any dog between 4 and 10 kg (9-22 lbs.) Advantix 4 Pack for Medium Sized Dogs will have your canine running through the yard with impunity. The treatment will stop:
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Mosquitos
…in their tracks and leave you with one grateful pup. As is the case with other Advantix products, this one is water proof. So feel free to visit the lake and hose the dog down afterword, as you’ll need to remove various lifeless bug bodies anyway.
Make sure to keep this product away from cats and other pets, it is a very dangerous formula for those of the feline persuasion.
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Questions & Answers (6)
Can you use this with Advocate. Advocate treats heartworm and fleas, etc, but not ticks. Wanted to add something for ticks since the Revolution is not available for the medium sized dog.
Yes Advantix and Advocate can be used safely together.
my new found stray beagle is being treated for heartworms..is this safe to use on my dog
This product can be used with medicines which treat intestinal parasites. But It is always good idea to get advised from your vet.
Hi I need a product which will prevent my dogs from getting paralysis tick. Does advantix do this and are all "advantix" products the same even if the packaging is different? thanks
Hi Advantix prevents all the ticks, fleas and lice. There are 2 different Advantix on the market. Advantix and Advantix II . Later one has another added ingredient that controls more of the flea life cycle. We only carry original Advantix at the moment.
Which medication is good for fleas, ticks and heartworm?
Unfortunately there isn't any product which treats fleas, ticks and heartworm at the same time. Advocate (Advantage Multi) is good for Fleas and heartworms as well as many other types of worms.
can you tell me the difference between advantix and K9 advantix please am currently using advocate but my dog still has fleas which is the best one to totally eliminate the fleas.
Both work to repel fleas, however it's important to rid the sleeping areas and all other areas your dog frequently visits, otherwise they will continue to re-infest.
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D. Debell
Ollie's Flea Free!
Works like a charm! Picky eater, so would not take oral prevention. Doesn't even know he's got it on.
Russell Mackie
The flea and tick 12 pack I got for my dog was a great price and product works well. Thanks
Serena Hedrich
Great products and prices. Fast shipping! They always have what I need in stock!
Russell Mackie
This product was excellent, great price and quick delivery, will be back. Thank-you Russell.
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