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Advantix Dogs 8.8-22lbs (4-10kg) - 12 Pack

Advantix for dogs prevents ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, sand flies, lice and biting flies.

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Product Description
This is a powerfully potent parasite remover for any dog between 4 and 10 kg (9-22 lbs.) Advantix 12 Pack for Medium Sized Dogs will have your canine running through the yard with impunity. The treatment will stop:
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Mosquitos
…in their tracks and leave you with one grateful pup. As is the case with other Advantix products, this one is water proof. So feel free to visit the lake and hose the dog down afterword, as you’ll need to remove various lifeless bug bodies anyway.
Make sure to keep this product away from cats and other pets, it is a very dangerous formula for those of the feline persuasion.
* This item is not shipped to the USA
Questions & Answers (5)
My dogs are 1years old 5kgs maltiz. Is it safety to use this products with 'Heartgard' chewable medicine ?
Yes it is safe if your dog is a year old and 5 kgs.
Does advance kill fleas ticks and treat heartworms
Advantix repels fleas and ticks but this product doesn't cover heartworms or any other internal parasites.
I will use Avantix with Advocate for my 4.5kg Poodle. Can I apply them together or better apply separately with terms? If use separately, what would be the recommended term between two applications?
You can apply them together.
Hello I need 36 advantix and advocate. How many tablets inside the one pack? How many pack do I puchase for 36 tablets? Ah my dog is 9kg. Let me know:)
In this particular product there are 12 doses. You need to purchase three packs.
Can you please let me know if I can use advantix flea & tick treatment for puppy 4 months old? Is the price in AUD? is delivery to beecroft nsw free?
You can use this products on dogs older than 7 weeks old and heavier than 4kg (8.8 lbs). All our prices in USD and we have free shipping all over the world for orders over $20.
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Nadine Adams
It is great. No more fleas
Russell Mackie
The flea and tick 12 pack I got for my dog was a great price and product works well. Thanks
Serena Hedrich
Great products and prices. Fast shipping! They always have what I need in stock!
Russell Mackie
This product was excellent, great price and quick delivery, will be back. Thank-you Russell.
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