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Why Has My Pet's Flea Treatment Stopped Working?

It is not uncommon for pet owners to think their pet’s flea treatment has stopped working. The real cause, however, is often unrelated to the efficacy of the flea treatment product but more with the way or time it has been used.

The reasons why cats and dogs seem to keep getting fleas, despite using flea treatment products, range from improper use to forgetting to treat the environment at the same time.

Using flea treatment products too late

The most common reason why a flea treatment appears not to work is because pet owners fail to realize the enormity of the situation. When you see a few fleas either hopping on your pet’s fur or in the carpet, you are already dealing with a full-blown flea infestation. What you cannot see are the flea eggs and larvae buried deep in the fibers of your home furniture and pet’s bed, which make up 95% of the entire flea population.

It is not enough to simply use flea treatment products on your pets when you are fighting a flea infestation. You need to get rid of fleas in the house and yard at the same time. Otherwise, the hidden flea eggs and larvae will simply grow to become adult fleas, re-infesting your pet.

Using flea treatment products irregularly

Since it is possible for pets to get fleas during winter, you need to use flea treatment products all-year-round and not just in summer, at the height of flea season.

Flea treatment products such as Bravecto, Revolution, or Frontline Plus will effectively get rid of all the fleas, eggs, and larvae your pet is currently hosting, but they still need to be used monthly (or 12-weekly for Bravecto). Otherwise, you are leaving your pet vulnerable to re-infestation, thanks to the fast breeding and flexible life cycles of fleas.

Flea pupae are virtually indestructible. This means even if you have been vigilant about killing fleas in your house and yard, given time, the flea pupae will become adults, free to jump onto your pet if your cat or dog isn’t protected.

Using flea treatment products improperly

Topical medications such as Bravecto topical, Revolution, Frontline Plus, or Advantage Multi are very popular and effective methods to get rid of fleas, eggs, and larvae, but they need to be used properly in order to work.

You must apply these treatments to your pet’s skin—and this can sometimes be a challenge, especially for cats or dogs with thick hair. Dry and unhealthy skin can also affect how well a flea treatment works.

Consider switching to an oral medication as you can be more confident that the flea treatment product will work. You can use Bravecto chews or Nexgard for dogs, or Capstar, which can be given to both cats and dogs.

If your pet refuses the chews, the Seresto flea collar is not only effective in killing fleas (and ticks) and its larvae, it also provides one of the safest and longest lasting flea protection for your pet.

Why Has My Pet's Flea Treatment Stopped Working?

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